Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A friend tells me that, contrary to popular belief, Labrador Retrievers are not stupid; it’s just that they share a single brain and on any given day they are unlikely to have it available for use. That analogy comes to mind as I see the rather mild frenzy breaking around John Edward’s tryst with a campaign worker. It’s all too predictable. Men share a brain, not with other men but within their bodies. When the brain is in their dicks, it is not available for other purposes and a man will make some incredibly foolish decisions.

I can’t think of anything more foolish than a man running for national office risking all that for sex. (Well, maybe starting a war based on lies and deception, but I think the brain in that case wasn’t between Big Dick’s legs, it was firmly lodged in his evil skull.) Gary Hart, Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton, Mark Foley and a host of others have literally stepped all over their dicks because they were thinking with them. I suppose ego, power and even boredom may play into the foolish decision but, still, these guys aspire to national leadership and they can’t even control themselves.

Sex will make a man crazy so I’m never surprised when a guy does something stupid, like risk a family and career to get laid on the run so to speak. Hell, I know I was obsessed with sex but I was an adolescent and immature young adult. I also figured how to deal with it and got on with a somewhat normal life. Thing is, that by the time a man has a family and career, I would expect him to be pretty well over that randy, lust for every woman he sees. Even if he harbors fantasies about the women who cross his path, the lust should be a fleeting thought that hardly even registers. Any man aspires to be a national leader should be able to control his own behavior.

None of this necessarily applies to CheneyBush. I can easily imagine the George W. unit as a swaggering cocksman but I think his handlers have him pretty much locked down. The Big Dick unit is otherwise too busy making the world safe for corporations to let something as insignificant as sex get in his way. He is clearly in control of his behavior, much to everyone’s detriment.

John Edwards is just the most recent victim of a brain missing in action. He won’t be the last.



Blogger Hungarican Chick said...

I personally believe that men of power have to exert it and bask in the benefits of it. It's part of alphadom. It's just that some hide it better than others; but all in all, as long as they keep a lid on it, I really don't care. I don't think Clinton or Edwards did anything different than their peers; I just think they got caught. That's the only difference between them and all the other mucky-mucks on capitol hill. They're all horny bastards--interns, pages, various farm animals...

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