Sunday, August 10, 2008

Need. Very. Large. Mirror.

If the Rethuglicans are going to paint Barack Obama as some kind of effete elitist, his best defense is a large mirror aimed right back at John McCain, a lifetime member of the Washington elite. John McCain is married to one of Arizona's richest women, a woman who can match Theresa Heinz Kerry's fortune,if not personality. Luxury homes, private jets. You can't get much more elite than John McCain.

Obama could do no better than to call this Rovian scheme for the hypocrisy it is.



Blogger The Minstrel Boy said...

this kind of reality switcheroo has been going on since the beginning of the nation.

the 1800 campaign was one of my very favorites for standing the facts on their heads and saying it was opposite.

john adams, the grandson of a cobbler, who had come to plymouth colony as an indentured servant, the son of a small farmer/cobbler, who had worked his way through harvard teaching in a 1 room school on the frontier (back then the frontier was around stockbridge), who had distinguished himself as an attorney, building a practice, watching it languish while he did public service, then rebuilding it again. john adams who went into considerable debt to put three sons through harvard. that was the man jefferson's crowd painted as "elitist."

jefferson, scion of the randolphs, owner of 400 slaves (whose population he increased by fucking some of them, notably sally hemmings who was probably jefferson's wife's half sister), 3 plantations staffed entirely by those slaves. jefferson who refused all pay for elected or appointed office because he was too haughty and proud to take a paycheck. jefferson who showed up to the second contintental congress in a gilded coach and four attended by six silken liveried slaves. that jefferson, was billed as "the man of the people."

me say WhaT the Fuck?

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