Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Election Night Blues

So far this election day is looking pretty ugly. The Republicans are doing well in the early returns, just as predicted. I don't expect it to get any better. Even if the Republicans don't gain a majority in either the House or Senate, the fact that my fellow Americans give them any credibility at all is simply beyond belief. It's as if the train wreck that occurred under CheneyBush and their Republican Congresses never happened. What the fuck?

Of course, the Democratic did little or nothing with their goddamn super majority. Sure, the Republicans used every trick in the book to stymie the few Democratic initiatives that were tried but those initiatives were mostly lame. Maybe if the Democrats had shown some spine and offered some real alternatives, like single payer health insurance or an end to the two shooting wars, they might have had a chance. But we're talking about the Democratic Party which should never be confused with real alternatives. O'Hollern at Bad Attitudes sums it up all too well.

Time to go read a book and listen to some music. Reality will occur whether I pay attention or not.

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