Sunday, December 19, 2010

Back to the City

Cat Thien was pretty amazing. The fact that a third world nation with a growing population can set aside so much land for conservation is inspiring. We had a guided biological tour, vitisted the primate rescue center and went out for a night wildlife viewing tour. Didn't see much wildlife (a deer and a bird) but we did see a meteorite streak across a moonlit sky.

The park is not far from my old AO (area of opration) with the First Cavalry. Driving up from Vung Tau, I think I saw some of the ridges we climbed back then but can't be sure. Seeing the park was enough though, an activity of peace and conservation rather than war.

We drove back to HCMC on Saturday through some of the most intense traffic I ever saw--a river of motorbikes alongside nearly bumper to bumper cars and trucks as we neared the city. Our one night in HCMC was enough. We must have been approached by five or six vendors while we ate dinner. They don't take "no" easily. If you refuse one item, they always seem to have another. Maggie did by a folding fan which has come in handy.

Now we are in Da Nang. It's definitely a busy city but not as much so as HCMC. We are still learning our way around. We did manage to find this internet cafe so we are not hopelessly lost yet.

This afternoon I go to the university to assist in the English language program, which is the whole reason for the trip.

More later.

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