Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Official Tissue Dispenser

This photo accompanied a story about Iran President Rouhani attending the World Economic Forum in Davos.  It's a very nice image.  Rouhani looks both dignified, as becoming a president, and personable.  The lighting is good and image is balanced in an interesting way.   I'd crop it a bit to cut out some of the wall and curtain space but not to change the balance.  Don't know if this is an official portrait but it's definitely quite formal. 

So why the tissue dispenser on the table?  Admittedly a very nice tissue dispenser but not an accessory that suggests authority.   A law book or learned text, perhaps.  An Iranian president who is also a cleric might want a Koran.  There is an official-looking item on the table but it doesn't compare to that tissue dispenser. 

My photographer's eye just keeps coming back to that dispenser.

* No doubt a digital image rather than actual print but composition is the same.  

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