Monday, June 16, 2014

Political events in Virginia caught my attention this week.  Most of the nation already knows everything there is to know about Eric Cantor.  For me this was a moment of high schadenfreude.  I've never trusted Cantor and I always take heart at the difficulties of my political adversaries.  Paying attention to the county and precinct results recalled the years I lived in Richmond.  It's always a nostalgia trip to see names of  places I knew long ago.

But schadenfreude is a bitch!  The day before Cantor's demise, Republicans took control of the Virginia State Senate when a Democratic senator resigned.  The whole scenario had some smarminess to it.  Not uncertain is that the senator's resignation killed any chance of Medicaid expansion in Virginia.  His constituents could have used that program.  Instead the senator's daughter got a judgeship.

The Washington Post has a good summary and analysis of the week's foolishness in Virginia.

And speaking of nostalgia, I will be traveling to Virginia in 10 days to ride bikes with my brother in our hometown, Danville, when he drives up from Atlanta for his high school reunion.  I will also see friends in Richmond, Afton and Harrisonburg. 



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