Monday, February 06, 2006


Amazingly, America is once again pushing the world to war on the basis of lies and deceptions. This time, Iran is the target. But a recent Iranian offer that met all substantive American and European demands regarding Iran’s nuclear activity was dismissed as “nothing new” and ignored by European negotiators.

"...The immediate upshot of the rejection of Iran's offer is that the United Nations' International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) voted on Friday to refer Iran to the UN Security Council, although the council will take no action until an IAEA report on Iran is delivered in March. The council could possibly impose sanctions....

Given all the mountainous revelations about the cover-ups and disinformation on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, all indications are that we have not learned any meaningful lessons from the Iraq fiasco, such as the need for a more scrutinizing media....

Yet, incredibly, no one in the European or US media even examined the nature and content of the six-point Iranian proposal, confining themselves to the official pronouncements of the EU-3 diplomats who are more keen on satisfying the US's march toward the Security Council than in breaking the nuclear stalemate on their own.

These diplomats, so adept at "leaking" their own highly-publicized proposal to Iran last summer, kept a tight lid on Iran's proposal and, what is more, there is no evidence that any respected member of the Western media made any attempt to get their hands on Iran's proposal.

That aside, the following is the nub of Iran's six-point proposal:
(a) Iran pledges that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, not nuclear bombs. (b) Iran pledges that it will get the legislative approval in its majlis (parliament) of the Additional Protocol to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and will continue with IAEA inspections. (c) Iran pledges to stay within the NPT. (d) Iran pledges that it will not resume enrichment prior to the next IAEA meeting. (e) Iran pledges that its nuclear research will be under monitoring by the IAEA. (f) Iran will continue negotiating with the EU-3 regarding enrichment issues for two years, and after two years, if the negotiations fail, will resume enrichment activities.

Certainly, the last item was a novelty and the EU-3 diplomats have some explaining to do as to why they were not interested. The chronology of Iran-EU3 negotiations clearly shows the lie on the part of Sawers and his German and French colleagues, for this was the first time that Iran had offered to extend the freeze on enrichment activities for another two years to give negotiations more time, and it was quite duplicitous on their part to suggest otherwise.
The European path to the Security Council is strewn with lies and deceptions, with a systematic distortion aimed at denying Iran's right to nuclear technology at any price, even if that means reneging on their earlier pledges of respecting Iran's nuclear rights "without discrimination", as stipulated in the 2004 Paris Agreement.

Clearly, listening to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's anti-Iran stance, Europe's main priority is US appeasement, and not Iran. Merkel's Iran-bashing could have dire consequences for Berlin's Iran and Middle East policy, in light of Germany's status as Iran's No 1 European trading partner.

Merkel, a novice in foreign policy making, has set aside the nuanced approach of her predecessor Gerhard Schroeder by facilitating the United States' war-prone approach to Iran. Merkel's government appears to be doing for the US on Iran the kind of subservient role London played on Iraq. This is a sure recipe for disaster...."

And it’s working. Fubar at Needlenose reports a LA Times poll showing that 57% of Americans favor military intervention if Iran's Islamic government pursues a program that could enable it to build nuclear arms. He notes:

"Even though Iraq is looking to become FUBAR on every political, military, and strategic level, a significant number of people think it's a good idea to send troops next door to a country several times the size, a proven capacity for turning its youth into cannon fodder for an ideological cause, and with a lot of friends nearby."

Fear sells. Even bad ideas look good when you are terrified. Can you even imagine how horrible war in Iran will be. The world might even get to see America use nuclear weapons for the first time ever. Israel will have an opportunity to become the second nation to use nuclear weapons.



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