Sunday, February 05, 2006

More Iraq Voices

Chris Allbritton has returned to Iraq for a third tour and is posting on his weblog, Back to Iraq 3.0. In a recent post on the Saddam Hussein trial he reflected on the international support Hussein received from the international community, including the US. He concludes with these words:

“...why should Iraqis have to suffer under Saddam or endure watching their friends shredded by car bomb blast so that Americans can feel safe from Khomeni or from terrorists. Why should Saudi Arabians suffer a corrupt monarchy so we can enjoy SUV’s, for that matter?”

Riverbend offers her thoughts on the recent elections:

"...After nearly three years of a failing occupation, I personally believe that many Iraqis voted for religious groups because it was counted as a vote against America and the occupation itself. No matter what American policy makers say to their own public- and no matter how many pictures Rumsfeld and Condi take with our fawning politicians- most Iraqis do not trust Americans. America as a whole is viewed as a devilish country that is, at best, full of self-serving mischief towards lesser countries and, at worst, an implementer of sanctions, and a warmongering invader.

Even Iraqis who believe America is here to help (and they seem to have grown fewer in number these days), believe that it helps not out of love for Iraqis, but out of self-interest and greed...."


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