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McClatchy has a good summary of the Surge So Far and it doesn't look promising. The article is filled with statistics on bombings, bodies found and attacks on US/Iraqi forces; first down now at pre-surge levels. Political and reconciliation progress is measured in benchmarks not achieved (all of them). Comparisons with previous strategies show higher force levels but similar results. The commanders say it's too early to tell.

One result is certain: more dead, 135 more to be exact. The Iraq Casualty Count average for the 412 days prior to the surge was 2.4 per day. That would total 307 for the 128 days since the surge began. The actual toll is 442. The difference, 135, is a 44 percent increase.

The numbers cascade through our consciousness, leaving a vague sense of unease until one of the numbers becomes personal. Then it detonates like a grenade, changing life forever for family, friends and community. 305. 422. 3781. 25820. Abstract numbers. Until your number is up. And nothing is the same.

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Blogger The Minstrel Boy said...

and a major point to remember when reading any of the casualty lists is that the stats for mercenary troops, and truly civilian contractors who are doing the jobs that used to be part of the military like mess halls, convoy, construction and the like are not being counted in the totals. also, if a casualty makes it out of iraq alive and dies later in germany or stateside it is counted differently and not reported as a combat casualty. it's enron style accounting at its best from our "ceo" preznit.

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