Sunday, July 22, 2007

The End Game

Does anyone still believe that the US can succeed in any way in Iraq?
A 43-year-old former engineer for the U.S. Embassy who gave his name as Abu Ali said Iraqis working with Americans at any level must trust no one, use fake names, conceal their travel and telephone use, and withhold their employment even from family members. Despite such extreme precautions, he said they are viewed as traitors by some countrymen and are still mistrusted by the U.S. government.

"We have no good end or finish for us," said Ali, who quit the embassy in June and moved to Dubai with his four children.

CheneyBush's splendid little war was a star-crossed pack of lies from the start. Back then, Americans were frightened and bamboozled. But in the fifth year of a "mission" that was supposed to be over within a year, how can any sentient being still believe that the United States, under the CheneyBush criminal regime, has either credibility or competence in this matter?

We're all fucked as long as this cabal is in control.

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