Friday, September 21, 2007

Something, Anything

Here I am in Charleston, West Virginia killing time after a conference while I wait to head for the airport. Walking around I came upon a local anti-war vigil. About five people were holding a banner listing the names of the Iraq war dead. They had plenty of panels left so I grabbed one and joined them for their lunch time vigil. It's not much but it was something I could do.

Minstrel Boy has written a powerful call to action over at Harp and Sword reminding everyone that as difficult and inconvenient as it is to speak out against continued war, it is something that all of us who believe that this war is an obscenity should do. If he can play the pipes at the funeral for another war casualty, joining a local vigil to remind fellow Americans about the war is easy enough to do.



Blogger Jim Yeager said...

These anti-war marches keep getting harder to put up with, if you asked me. It is frustrating on so many levels. If it's not the Gathering of Beagles calling you the Taliban as you walk by, it's the fucking idiot in a costume and on stilts making the march look like a sideshow from the front line. If it's not him, it's the jerk-offs throughout the crowd handing out pamphlets claiming the Bush administration was involved in the 9/11 attacks. If it isn't them, it's the group of shitheads with handkerchiefs over their faces stopping just short of calling for political assassinations. If it isn't them, it's the local news skewing its so-called coverage against the marchers in general to such a degree it doesn't deserve to be called news. And if it isn't that, it's Congress colluding with the Bush administration when it isn't busy condemning it.

I believe, if my memory from the 15th serves me right, that there was another march in D.C. yesterday afternoon. Don't know for sure, though, since I wasn't there. I've gone to three of these things because I want this war to end, not so I could put on an exhibition. If it's just going to be treated like a silly joke -- as if people dying horribly and needlessly thousands of miles away in a disastrous war for oil every day is fucking hysterical -- then I don't feel like marching in it.

One day, this country is going to wake up. Rudely. We'll be lucky if it happens soon, because the longer it takes, the ruder it's going to be...

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