Thursday, December 20, 2007

Richardson-Kucinich 08

Or maybe Kucinich-Richardson as long as Richardson has a broad portfolio like the current VP. I don't think Dennis would make a good figure head like W., though. What I like about these two is their combination of ideas and accomplishment. Bill Richardson has done just about everything in government and policy. Kucinich has championed progressive policy in an overwhelmingly right-wing Congress. Richardson and Kucinich share core values about progressive economic and social policy. Both represent working-class America. Cleveland and New Mexico. Together for America. I like that.

Of the two, Richardson seems more the can-do guy who tackles problems and runs projects. Using the current model of Executive administration, that would make him VP. Kucinich is a strong policy advocate and a man who refused to sell a community asset in return for, which might be more suitable for the president. I've seen and heard Kucinich and Richardson speak. In both cases I was impressed.

None of this makes any difference since few candidates run as a team. It may well be that Richardson and Kucinich dislike each other or their egos get in the way. Together they could command poll numbers in the high single digits. Still, ideas and accomplishment...that sounds like a great platform for an aspiring national executive. Kucinich and Richardson offer more possibility in that direction than I see in any other candidates.

I will post this endorsement widely so that any potential voters anywhere who care what I think can make a fully informed decision.

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