Monday, January 14, 2008

Pretty Soon I Must Choose

A while back, I wrote about the Washington Democratic caucuses and presidential primary. I have since learned that the primary on 19 February is a "beauty contest" that doesn't actually determine delegates. Delegate selection will actually take place at the caucuses ten days prior to the primary. That means I get to actually participate in selecting Washington delegates. All I have to do is show up at the caucus site, about a block away. That's the cool part.

The uncool part is, so what? Since we'll be caucusing after Super Tuesday on 05 February, it may make any real difference. If the race is still fluid, Washington's delegates could be significant. If that's the case, what's this Kucinich supporter supposed to do? Even in the best of all possible worlds, Kucinich will never, ever be the nominee. I'm not even sure he'd make a good president. I do know that he is right on issues that I care about and deserves my support for that reason. But will I be wasting my time holding out for a hopeless candidate? Should I move toward one of the front runners, none of whom are nearly as good on policy matters? I know that in the end, I am likely to be voting for whomever wins the Democratic nomination, faults and all.

Maybe I should just go and see what happens. Who knows? I might even meet some interesting people. Besides, it's only two hours on a Saturday afternoon.



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