Thursday, February 28, 2008

Radio Notes

This week on About Face our Topic is "Artists in a Time of War". The idea comes from Howard Zinn's collection of essays under that title. Zinn believes that artists can transcend the conventional thought to point out truths but he also notes that they often serve the conventional thought as well. My co-host, Dennis, and I will offer up our ideas about art and war. We've both been to war and we've both done things arguably resembling art so we'll have plenty to say. I am inviting any others who have thoughts on the matter to listen and call in. The topic could easily be presented as role of the blogger in times of war but then we'd have to ask if we transcend anything? About Face will stream at this Saturday from 5:00 to 6:00 pm Eastern (2:00 to 3:00 pm Pacific) time.

An About Face First is that we actually have a schedule for the entire month of March. Usually we maybe get a couple weeks ahead but never an entire month. Next week we'll address the militarization of American society and the following week will be devoted to Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan that will be taking place in Washington, DC. On March 24 Howard Zinn will be our guest and we can ask him about artists, war and militarized societies.

Also on line (and maybe even on air by now) is GI Voice Radio, a community radio station broadcasting to the Fort Lewis and McChord Air Base just north of Olympia. This is a project of local IVAW members with help from regional activists. The format is a mix of music and alternative information that will assist service members and their families to making honorable choices the many difficult decisions they face. You can listen here or check out the website here.