Sunday, April 27, 2008

More Local Stuff

Olympia held its annual Procession of the Species yesterday along with a weekend art walk. Large crowds all over downtown, a good day to be on foot. The Procession is community parade celebrating the elements of life--earth, water, air and fire. It is very whimsical, colorful, creative, funny and fun to see. Lots of percussion. Many amazing and simple costumes and floats, all people powered (no motors or draft animals). All sorts of people participating. We even had a sunny, warm(ish) day. Pictures here. Slime mold here.

Last night was a Recycled Fashion Show featuring models wearing outfits made from recycled materials. The woman wearing the architectural drawing skirt looked very proper. An orange parachute made an elegant gown. Appropriately, the event was held in an alley spray painted with graffiti.



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