Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back to the Future

Is it just me or does John McCain look like Warren G. Harding? Except that the latter looks better for being 16 years younger in the portrait than St. John is now, sitting in that SUV with Cindy who these days is just shy of Gamaliel's age when he posed for the portrait.

Warren Harding is an ominous portent for a 71 year old man, especially since Harding was dead before he was 60. I think that to the extent that John McCain ever offered anything to this nation, it was eight years ago, before he signed on to the CheneyBush Shipwreck of State. Now he just wants to "never surrender", to "let America win it this time." And he is a handmaiden of corporate-military special interests. Nothing that's likely to be the change that America needs.

For what it's worth, I think Obama is the best of the Final Three. B He is of the coming generation who should have the opportunity to shape its future. McCain or Clinton is just passing generations hanging on to power well after it has become obvious that they have no real answers to the problems they leave behind. I would very much like to see a campaign that energizes young people. Obama has that potential. In a Democratic year, he could really blow the Republicans out of the water. Maybe even put to rest the "America won't vote for a non-white candidate". Even if he disappoints as president, just dismantling the Republican stranglehold on government would be a grand achievement.

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Blogger The Minstrel Boy said...

the first president to be loved by his
"bitterest enemies" is dead
the only man woman or child who wrote
a simple declarative sentence with seven
errors "is dead"
beautiful Warren Gamaliel Harding
"is" dead
if he wouldn't have eaten them Yapanese
somebody might hardly never not have been
unsorry, perhaps

e.e. cummings

9:13 AM  

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