Saturday, July 05, 2008

Change of P(l)ace

The sky over Olympia is overcast but the day is not at all dark. I call it subdued and am basking in its calm after the intensity of Phoenix. Here I can look at the world without my eyeballs turning to ash. Some rain fell last night, unnoticed by me. Rain here is soft. Rain in Phoenix is dramatic; we had a "monsoon" thunderstorm my last night there. Not soft at all. The Arizona monsoon,which is moist air from the Gulf of Mexico moving north and west this time of year, blocked the sky some nights but I still got those wonderful open desert sky views that have always thrilled me. I saw the conjunction of Mars, Regulus and Saturn one night in Phoenix against an immense sky that is much less common here. I do see stars and planets in Olympia, more so than Phoenix. I've been following Mars and Saturn for weeks from my balcony and neighborhood but I don't often get the immense perspective that I find in the desert, even with Phoenix light pollution. I do, however, like today's cool temperatures in Olympia, not expected to break 70.

The past week was an eventful one for me. I helped Maggie bury her mother. We sent Marion off with some Bailey's Irish Cream, a deck of pinochle cards, a photo of her dog and a slide from her Hawaiian honeymoon. The funeral also introduced much of the family to a half-sister and her 20 or 21 year old daughter. Maggie had mentioned a half sister at times but she was totally absent as far as I new. Maggie's police detective sister located the half sister in Phoenix earlier this year to tell her of Marion's failing health. I learned some of the backstory this week but it's not mine to tell; it's enough to say that the family has re-united with the absent sibling and unknown cousin.

A second significant event this past week was the offer of employment that I have accepted, my first full-time job since leaving Window Rock seven years ago. I make the change willingly--salary, benefits, challenging work in an interesting setting--it's pretty much everything I could want at a time that I can use it. I do remember that I left my last job singing Chris Chandler's refrain that "successful unemployment is more challenging than having a job". That part of me feels like I am surrendering. On the other hand, employment will help me fulfill some important life goals. Putting about 40 percent of my time at an employer's disposal will definitely change my schedule but think it will stop me from blogging. You just won't read about my work in this space.



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Like much of life, the happy and the sad come together.

Congrats on the new job and please pass on our condolences at the passing of Maggie's mother.

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