Monday, July 28, 2008

Off to Work (!)

Today is the first day of my new job. Things may be quiet here for a while as I adjust to this new turn of events. I signed off as co-host of About Face yesterday. Here's what I said.

Today’s broadcast is my last as a co-host of About Face. I am leaving to take a full time position as a public policy research analys, a position that requires independence, non-partisanship and objective judgment. Although I believe that I can meet the position’s requirements and continue to actively support non-violence, economic justice and peace, a public role as a radio host may create an appearance of bias that could limit the credibility of my work. Because my new position offers a unique personal and professional opportunity, I am willing to accommodate myself to its requirements.

I make the change willingly but I will surely miss this microphone and the wonderful people who made it possible:
• my co-hosts Dennis and John who started this whole enterprise with their own ideas, initiative and money,
• Sean, the incredible engineer who makes it all happen every week.
• VFP Chapter 75
• KPHX radio and its sponsors
• You, our, loyal listeners

About Face has been more than a wonderful experience for me; it’s been fun, challenging, illuminating and personally satisfying. During the past two years, this program has brought you interesting guests and important information to challenge the collective amnesia and ignorance so prevalent in mainstream media. Working on this program opened doors for me that will never close. Today’s broadcast will not be my last. Expect me back on the air, somewhere, in some form at some time. This is too good to give up.

Leaving About Face does not change my adamant opposition to war and violence as an instrument of national policy. I will continue to petition my government for redress of this most serious grievance, this egregious violation of our national trust. I will continue to remind my fellow Americans about the dangers created by a permanent and growing militarization of our national life that serves big profits to unaccountable corporations while impoverishing Americans and destroying other nations. You bet I will keep speaking out.

Forty years ago, many of us opposed the Vietnam War and thought we had succeeded when the war ended. But we were wrong. We only ended one adventure. We did not stop the Monster; we only changed its trajectory--to Central and South America, AfricaIraq, Afghanistan and now Iran. Maybe China and Russia in the future. I can assure you that the Monster is alive, well and still hungry.

This time we must stop the Monster once and for all. In that cause, I am with you to the end.

Thanks for listening.



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