Sunday, August 03, 2008

John McCain Gets My Vote

For proposing joint town hall meetings with Obama. Yeah, I know McCain made the challenge because he sucks at debate and reportedly does well in give and take but I like the idea. Lord knows, contemporary presidential debates are little more than a series of mini-speeches with the occasional gaffe or enduring soundbite, but they at least put candidates together, face-to-face for a few hours. Town halls would do the same and offer different perspectives.

I recommend three debates and three town halls this year, a home and home series with formats geared to each candidate's favored venue. The nation might learn quite a bit from the experience. If nothing else, the change would add something new to what is already a way too long and tedious campaign.

If three and three is too much, two and two would work. Even better would be an extended series of debates as in Lincoln-Douglas but that's not going to happen in this day and age. Hell, we can't even get a single hour of unscripted exchange.

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Blogger Jim Yeager said...

You beat me to bringing up the Lincoln-Douglas problem we face in an age where short attention spans are cultivated (and some people actually seem proud to sport them as if they were badges of honor). Maybe C-Span would carry them, but I can't imagine any of the major networks touching them.

But I'd still like to see them hold a town hall meeting in Richmond. I'd go to that...

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