Saturday, October 04, 2008

Seasonal Indicator

It rained in Olympia yesterday, a steady, sometimes hard rain. Last night was Art Walk and Olympians were out in full rain gear for the event. This morning is wet and gray with more rain today, partly cloudy and showers predicted the next week.

The weather is news only in that it signals change of seasons. We've not had this kind of rain since maybe June. Just as the first 100 degree day signals summer's coming in the Arizona desert, the first steady rain means fall, winter and dark here in the northwest. Trees are still in full foliage but colors are changing, more and more each day. Leaves are beginning to fall and mornings are completely dark when I wake up these days. We may still have some spectacular sunny dry days left in 2008 but those days will be all the more spectacular for their infrequancy.

Bring it on! I have a quarter century of desert dehydration to make up, decent rain gear and fenders on my bike.



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