Monday, November 03, 2008

'Tis the Night Before Election

...and I do care. John McCain and Sarah Palin would pretty much finish the wrecking job on America so well carried out during the past eight years. That cannot be good for anybody except the corporate moneyed class that has waxed so fat and happy at the expense of everyone else. Barack Obama and the party he represents have many flaws that have dampened my enthusiasm for him but put him and Joe Biden next to McCain and Palin and the choice is disturbingly clear: sheer madness and mayhem with McCain or a remote chance that we can turn around before we drive America off the cliff.

I kept my distance from this campaign as much as a political junkie can. Partly to keep my sanity--two years is way too long to give over to this kind of foolishness--and partly knowing that national elections in America offer little real choice. I did not think it a wise use of my time to become heavily invested in candidates who offer variations on corporate welfare, the National Security State and perpetual war. That said, I still want Obama to win and I do still hope that he will be the change that I want to see in America and the world.

No matter who wins tomorrow, nothing is assured. If I want an America capable of bringing food and medicine to beleaguered nations rather than an Ameriaca capable of destroying remote targets and civilians in other nations, I will have to work just as hard on Wednesday and every day after as I have done in the past eight years.

(h/t to Jim Yeager for bringing this to mind)



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