Sunday, December 28, 2008

Radio News

This email arrived yesterday.
“About Face” has a new station. We are still with Nova M but Nova M has moved from 1480AM to 1190AM. We will no longer broadcast on 1480AM. Remember 1190AM at Sundays 3PM Mountain time. The web site is You can still enjoy your favorite Sunday show with Dennis and John. We will still cover interesting subjects to help the veterans, end the war, and bring sanity back to our country.

This Sunday, 28 December, Dennis and I will be discussing our new year resolutions and what changes we would like for the new year.

My resolution this year is to continue the vigil to help end the conflicts and occupation in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

I would like our government to focus more on peaceful aid to nations in distress and conflict. To move in a direction away from creating war and conflict and more in a direction of bringing peace and assistance to nations in conflict and distress. We have so many nations who are starving, suffering from AIDS, and lack the education to help bring themselves out on their plight. We need to take leadership around the world and help build schools, hospitals, teach framing, and educate the people. These peaceful actions would not only help end many conflicts bur restore the credibility and confidence in the United States.

I would like to see a much better system for helping our veterans in health care and benefits. Right now VA is so inept in their administration of Veterans Health care and benefits that we have over 200,00 veterans homeless on the streets any give day. We have over 600,000 waiting for VA action in request for benefits. The wait period for appointments are too long, over three months in many cases. The waiting period for action on request for benefits is over one year. This is unacceptable and need to be improved upon. Calls and letters to the new administration and your congressman should be a priority this year.

I pledge to continue to educate the public on these very important issues this coming year. What is your resolution and pledge? Please give us a call and let us know!

Listen to Dennis and John on “About Face” at 1190AM or every Sunday at 3PM Mountain Time. Call us at 1-800-989-1480. We are Arizona’s progressive talk radio! About Face is brought to you by the Veterans For Peace, Phoenix Chapter 75.

The change is probably toward the center of the dial but I'm sure not the political or moral center. I hear, too, that a new studio is involved, a more uptown location instead of the concrete bunker that was KPHX.

Even though I am no longer affiliated with the program, I listen when I can. Dennis, John and their guests address issues that are usually ignored by the mainstream. Sometimes I even call in.



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