Thursday, January 01, 2009

My Little Reader

I read a Richard Cohen column about George W. Bush's reading list today. Normally, Ignore Cohen and stories like this about Bush but my curiosity about Bush and a reflective pursuit like reading was too much to resist. Cohen doesn't dispute the claim but dismisses Bush's reading list as an no real achievement since the titles largely reinforce Bush's worldview and ignore the wealth of books that offer differing assessments.

My first reaction is "Who in the hell keeps lists of books read?". Then I reminded myself that I keep a list of books read. I started last year, largely as a way to remember what I read. Without the list titles and authors escape me, plots and ideas are misremembered if remembered at all. So I have a list and short summary. Occasionally, I'll do a post based on something I've read.

I read regularly but don't come close to matching Bush in volume and question the whole claim. If Bush in fact read 51 books, he obviously has a lot of time of his hands. That's unlikely since he spends time working out, cycling, sleeps eight hours a night and during most working hours appears as President of the United States. I just don't buy it.

Bush may have actually looked at all the titles he claims but he would have to be far more diligent than anything in his behavior or ideas would suggest.

Of course, that means I am calling Bush and Karl Rove, the source of this claim,, liars. And that is exactly what I am saying.

Still lying after all these years.



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