Sunday, March 22, 2009

Velo News

Yesterday turned into a perfect day for cycling. Early morning was well below freezing and foggy but it wasn't raining. By the time I got out at mid-day the sun was breaking through the clouds. Olympia has had any number of perfect cycling days lately but they have all been week days. Last weekend was solid rain and chill, just not the kind of weather I want to take on from the get-go on a ride. Yesterday was absolutely no question.

I rode a 25 mile loop north to Woodard Bay, south on the Chehalis Western Trail into Lacey and back through Tumwater and the South Capitol neighborhood of Olympia. It was a sweet, easy ride. The day became sunnier as I rode so I encountered other riders and pedestrians on the CWT. Approaching one woman, I noticed her swaying; as we passed I saw (and heard)that she was wearing tap shoes and dancing to the music coming through her earbuds. Another woman walked her Dalmatian. I stopped to inquire about her dog and learned that Crocker is an 11 year old male and in good shape. He looked it, larger and stockier than Prince, sleek-headed like Prince, sparsely spotted and very friendly. Closer to home I passed a co-workers' house and met his six-month collie pup. After the ride I went to the Iraq Memorial to Life for the closing ceremony and dismantling. We finished that task with dinner at a Thai restaurant downtown.

A fine day. Weeks of mental cobwebs blown away.

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