Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Number One Terrorist

Noam Chomsky has an illuminating article about American sponsored terrorism at Asia Times Online. He very chillingly notes that the horrors of the CheneyBush years were not, as many of Americans would like to believe, a departure from our otherwise noble history of good works but rather the normal behavior of empire. He makes too many good points for me to do them justice, so you really should read the whole thing and then TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

I will give you what, for me, was the money quote:
The 9/11 attack was doubtless unique in many respects. One is where the guns were pointing: typically it is in the opposite direction. In fact, it was the first attack of any consequence on the national territory of the United States since the British burned down Washington in 1814.

Another unique feature was the scale of terror perpetrated by a non-state actor.Horrifying as it was, however, it could have been worse. Suppose that the perpetrators had bombed the White House, killed the president, and established a vicious military dictatorship that killed 50,000 to 100,000 people and tortured 700,000, set up a huge international terror center that carried out assassinations and helped impose comparable military dictatorships elsewhere, and implemented economic doctrines that so radically dismantled the economy that the state had to virtually take it over a few years later.

That would indeed have been far worse than September 11, 2001. And it happened in Salvador Allende's Chile in what Latin Americans often call "the first 9/11" in 1973. (The numbers above were changed to per-capita US equivalents, a realistic way of measuring crimes.) Responsibility for the military coup against Allende can be traced straight back to Washington. Accordingly, the otherwise quite appropriate analogy is out of consciousness here in the US, while the facts are consigned to the "abuse of reality" that the naive call "history".

History as we want to see it.



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