Wednesday, June 17, 2009


June is an eventful month. I recently wrote about casting my first vote in a June 1969 primary election. Just one year ago this month I added fenders to my bicycle, thereby becoming a year-round rider in this wet climate. Five years ago I began writing this blog. On this day in June 1906 my father, Frank Fleming, was born. Seventy-three years later on 20 June his wife/my mother, Katherine Pie’ Fleming, died. That same day this June is Rose Johnson’s memorial in Phoenix. Maggie's mother, Marion O'Conner Reardon died last year on 25 June. On 29 June 1970, I voluntarily joined the US Army, casting my fate to…well, the Fates.

Oh yeah, I graduated from some schools and a kindergarten in several Junes.



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