Sunday, July 26, 2009

Anti Sun Velo Paddling

Despite the shortage of velo news posts, I have been riding steadily lately. These days that means staying out of the heat of some very hot days. Olympia has been experiencing stretches of high 80 and low 90 degree heat. So I have returned to my Arizona summer cycling mode of early morning rides, which are very pleasant. Even with the hot weather, mornings are still tolerable; I certainly don't have to avoid the sun altogether like I did in Arizona. So far this year I have averaged over 27 miles per week. That's higher than my goal of 20 miles per week but I've been banking extra miles against the weekends I plan to be on the road doing other things.

Yesterday, Maggie and I joined party with the Capitol Land Trust kayaking to Hope Island State Park. We put in around and paddled for about an hour or so to the island where we picnicked and walked the beach with a biologist who turned over lots of rocks to reveal much local fauna. It was a pretty leisurely trip although I was tired enough when I got back. I stayed slathered in sunscreen and avoided any unpleasant excess of sunlight despite the almost 90 degree heat and lots of reflected sunlight.

All those years in Arizona gave me a real appreciation for shade and dark places, a predilection apparently not shared by too many others. It seems I am always able to find shady spots to park, something impossible in Arizona pretty much anytime year, much less summer. Better yet, I just stay put after about noon.

Today is even noon



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