Monday, July 27, 2009

Death Taxes for Health Care

Not wanting to pass the cost of my health care on to future generations, I suggest that the estate tax be retained and perhaps even raised to fund health care in the coming years. It seems fair to me. The Baby Boom generation is heir to the largest transfer of wealth in history as their parents, children of the Great Depression who prospered and saved during America's golden years after WWII, leave substantial assets to a generation that has always prospered but saved little. So why not use that inheritance to fund our medical dotage? It seems like a just an elegant solution.

Of course, even a pot of gold like the largest transfer of health in history will do little good if poured into the wasteful, inefficient health care system we now have. But at least it would relieve the burden we now seem so eager to pass on to future generations.

And remember, there's still plenty of money to be carved out of the national security budget. As they said during WWII, "We can do it." I would add, "If we want to."



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