Sunday, September 06, 2009

Holy Contradiction!

Roman Catholic bishops are weighing in on the health care finance debate. Not surprisingly they want proscriptions on abortion funding and protection for conscientious objection to abortion among medical proviers. Some are also warning against "socialization" and "monopolizing" and big government. They assert the Catholic social teaching of "subsidiarity" - essentially, that decisions are best made at the lowest level possible.

It's a most attractive idea--very American--but certainly ironic in a religion that boasts an authoritarian heirarchy and rule by decree of a supposedly infallible bishop selected from a small coterie.

Just sayin'

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stunning...the Catholic Church has almost always promoted the welfare of people over the greed of business and government, i.e. social, economic and enviornmental justice. Many activist priests and nuns have been murdered for taking the side of the common people. And now they are going to speak AGAINST healthcare for all! I'll give you a subsidiarity---ME! I'll make the decisions!

5:04 PM  

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