Sunday, December 06, 2009

Deciding Obama 2.0

The Washington Post has pretty much the same article as the NYT. Taken together, they illustrate now the dimensions of the policy discussion, the players and dynamics.

As I noted previously the focus on changing from a never-ending commitment may be the most significant aspect of the story. Of course, the never-ending commitment in question is direct involvement in Afghanistan, not the world-wide network of military bases that is the American Empire. Still, any change in the right direction is welcome.

The WaPo quote that struck me hardest is this one:
Obama and his war council gathered in the Situation Room for the first of what would be nine official review sessions on a crisp Sunday in the second week of September. All of those in the room were familiar with McChrystal's classified 66-page assessment of "serious and deteriorating" conditions in Afghanistan, which made clear that "we were starting from zero after eight years of war," a civilian adviser said.

Eight years of war.

$233 billion.

932 Americans, 236 Britons, 367 other allied forces dead.

Many thousands of Afghan dead.


That abomination is the legacy of CheneyBush and his goddamn neoconservative "Masters of War"

Goddamn them all. Every last one of them.

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Blogger cile said...

Here! Here!

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Blogger moderate said...

a real kick in the teeth...

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