Saturday, February 27, 2010

Maybe. Maybe Not.

But US drone attacks only kill bad guys and negligible people.
The senior administration official said that the strikes produced few civilian casualties. "If there are Predator operations in Pakistan," the official said, "I would argue that the collateral damage is negligible at most, and that the reports of intensified damage are a myth, and that the Pakistanis would recognize how negligible they are and are very pleased with that precision that is taking place, which then encourages them to allow said Predator operations, if they existed, to continue with even greater momentum and pace."

The evidence for this confidence? The speaker's belief. He "would argue." Based on what? Nothing tells me why I should accept his assertion of precision attack. I can agree that this nation's ability to remotely kill its enemies is quite a technological feat. I know that exaggerating civilian casualties is a propaganda tactic but so is minimizing them. My government has lied and distorted information often about these same topics. Its pronouncements are only as good as the evidence warrants. The quoted statement offers none.

All this is, of course, a luxury. I writing and you reading this are alive with the many options life brings. But the negligible dead are still dead, their lives forfeit simply because they were in the way when the gunfire broke out. In their name, survivors will seek retribution and atonement.

Our "precision" attacks are simply the modern (and far more numerous) version of a gangland hit. Only now the setting is Afghanistan, not the streets of Chicago.



Blogger cile said... I'm sitting here reading this post and I'm thinking of the kids next door who live in a duplex identical to mine who enjoy a loud party from time to time. Should the government decide that loud parties are really terrorist cells (or whatever flavor of dissatisfaction of the week) they might feel the need to take action from a great distance (since there is not way to get in close enough for extreme precision). They miss but only technically because MY house looks just like THEIR house - who'd know? I'm dead now, the innocent(probably) partiers have headed for the hills and my son Hunter(Raheem), gets a call that the government killed his mother, (Husna),but it is okay because she died for her country and he should be proud.

If you put these things in your own backyard, you begin to get a much clearer perspective on the arbitrary horror of it all for these citizens of this country. Just because they have endured this unrest does not in anyway diminish the pain of loss these people - people just like us - are subject to. It's freakin' shameful.

11:18 AM  
Blogger Rez Dog said...

Cile, you understand the fundamental lesson of war that I learned in Vietnam: war takes place in somebody's yard. I have ever since recognized that fact. That's why I can think of only a few, very limited circumstances where it is appropriate to even think about bring war to somebody's yard.

2:28 PM  
Blogger rangeragainstwar said...

I didn't start off as anti war, but after a life study of the topic -i have arrived.

6:46 AM  

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