Monday, February 15, 2010

A Moving Idea and Other Radical Acts

A few weeks ago, The Nation carried a lead editorial titled, "Move Your Money" which suggested that Americans fed up with the big banks whose reckless investments contributed so much to the financial meltdown simply move their personal deposits to community banks. Not only would this slap down the bankers who believe that our savings are theirs to play with, but it would also bring that money home to our communities where it would contribute to local economic growth.

Right now, I have savings with one of the large banks. It's a matter of inertia and business. I need the large bank for business and convenience but I don't need it for my savings. When the CDs come up for renewal, they will move to a local bank here in Olympia. It's the right move at the right time. I've been wondering what I as an individual can do to force change on a resistant economic system. One power I have is in my personal decisions; I control my investments and will no longer allow them to support brigands whose only motive is profit, profit and more profit.

Howard Zinn speaks eloquently about the power of individual action.
A box cutter can bring down a tower. A poem can build up a movement. A pamphlet can spark a revolution.

Not supporting irresponsible bankers is one good step in that direction. To learn more and to find safe responsible community banks in your area, visit Move Your Money.

And speaking of direct action, Bill Doolittle at Bad Attitudes has a good idea for using citizen power to counter the newly enfranchised corporate power to campaign for and against candidates.

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