Saturday, March 20, 2010

Leftover Thought

Yesterday I wrote about democracy not coming on the point of a bayonet. It struck me as I wrote that you never see or hear about bayonets in the current wars. That's probably good from a soldier's point of view. I mean, you have to be up close and personal to use a bayonet. Not only does that put you within range of your adversary's bayonet but it may even make you aware that your adversary is also a human being. That moment of doubt could cost your life if your adversary doesn't experience the same epiphany.

I guess the bayonet is too Old School for our modern wars. After all, when you can kill someone remotely from a computer screen in Las Vegas why would you want to get close enough to rip his guts open with an edged weapon before smashing his skull with the but end of your rifle?

Of course, war is still close combat. Firefights, IED's, artillery and ambushes offer plenty of opportunity to see The Other close at hand. It's just that these days you don't charge forward screaming, "kill, Kill, KILL!"



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