Sunday, March 28, 2010

Worse and Worser

Man,it's hard to be ambivalent about John McCain's re-election. When I was his constituent, I always voted for his opponent. McCain is the reliable servant of the moneyed class who played to the masses as s POW and ever since failed to demonstrate the same courage as he did in that iconic image. As a national leader, McCain has been disastrously wrong about America's role in the world. The wars he supports have wrecked three nations--Iraq, Afghanistan and America--and severely diminished America's stature and credibility. I can think of no reason why Arizona and the nation would not be better served without John McCain in the senate.

Except for his opponent, JD Hayworth, former sportscaster, Contract On America revolutionary, Three-Term Pomise-breaker, all around Republican toady and my congressman for five years. Helping Harry Mitchell remove JD from congress was one of my real achievements during those last years in Phoenix. Knowing what I know of him, I can certainly say that JD Hayworth would not be an improvement. He's all of McCain's shortcomings and many more. A demagogue par excellance. Think Rush Limbaugh being able to block Unanimous Consent in the Senate.

None of the stories I see even mention a Democratic candidate. Which doesn't surprise me. Given the vast Republican money advantage in Arizona and the dismal Democratic chances statewide in general, it would take a rich and very savvy Democrat who'd even want to try. Barring some miracle, which all the pundits claim will not happen and for which I fervently hope, Arizona will send John or JD to the Senate in November.

Either a former Maverick now re-born as a True Conservative or the Blowhard Tea-Bagger.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The John McCain of 2010 is even more amazing then the John McCain of 2000. For Hayworth to say he is different now if almost funny. What I have seen out of McCain in the last year is nothing short of heroic.

8:28 PM  
Blogger Andra said...

NOT only would JD not be an improvement...but JD has a love with earmarks. Anyone who looks at the National Debt would have to say, we need to keep guys like JD far away from Congress.

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

J.D. must need to get on that ol' government health plan so he (or someone in his family) can get another operation. That free gastric bypass worked good at making his miserable fat ass self look better, more votable. (I think I made up that last word)

8:23 PM  

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