Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kinda Sorta Velo News

This is a challenging weekend for cycling here in Olympia--mostly overcast with showers. I took a chance yesterday between showers and got out for about a 15 mile ride (complete with a stop at the California Taco truck for a post-ride burrito). Riding on a gray, wet day has its charms. The light is very subdued and not many people are out. In all, it would have been a fairly uneventful ride.

Except for the aircraft. This weekend is the Olympic Air Show at the airport just south of town so the skies were abuzz with the sound of military aircraft. My place is under the flight path for the airport; many of the aircraft flew overhead as they approached for landing. It's not everyday I see a C-17 low in the sky over my balcony.

Even more noticeable was the sound of aircraft, especially the fighter jets. I rarely saw the them but I kept stopping to look for them as I rode. The engine noise made it sound like they were just overhead when in fact they were some distance. What surprised me was how attuned I am to those sounds. If it had been the rotor slap of a helicopter, that would not surprise me. But it seems if my brain is simply wired to look for aircraft, regardless of make, model or purpose.

So far today is quiet. Maybe everyone's in church.



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