Saturday, July 10, 2010

Police State Costs

Maricopa County, Arizona has settled for almost half a million dollars with seven individuals arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio's deputies at a county supervisor meeting. That's actually small change for Sheriff Joe. Liability judgments and settlements against his office usually run into the many millions.

Here in Washington, liability costs are a bit lower but still real. Phillip Chinn, an Olympia activist detained on a spurious DUI en route to protest moving military equipment through local ports, has cost the Washington State patrol and two local governments $400,000. His vehicle license number was among several circulated to law enforcement to watch during protests and a trooper took the opportunity to detain Mr. Chinn on what turned out to be completely unfounded charges. The arrest served its intended purpose, though. Chinn never made it to the protest.

Freedom is not free. It's not even freedom.*

*with apologies to William Faulkner.



Blogger BadTux said...

Small change for Sheriff Joke. His usual payouts are in the multiple millions, like when his deputies murdered a quadriplegic by accusing him of faking it and throwing him on the ground and beating him for refusing to walk. Dude died, family sued, a 7 figure settlement ensued.

But the fuckheads in Phoenix re-elect this turdball every time. Because, you see, the folks his deputies murder are usually *brown*. And them Phoenix repukes *lurves* seeing brown people get murdered by cops. It, like, gives them woodies the size of fuckin' pine trees and shit, yo.

- Badtux the Former Phoenix Penguin

12:24 PM  

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