Friday, August 20, 2010

BP of the Prisons

The murderous escapees captured Thursday were brought to you by a private company.

The reason the men were able to escape is rooted in a culture of complacency that developed at the prison in the six years it has been open, the report said, and those factors were complicated by opening a new unit and shuffling inmates around the complex this year.
The report released Thursday highlights problems at the Kingman facility that arose over time and led to indifference about behavior and indicators that would have caught the attention of administrators at state-run facilities. It found:

• False alarms were so frequent the staff learned to ignore them. ....

• Inmates at the facility did not groom themselves according to standards, and as many as 75 percent walked the complex without ID badges. ...

• Turnover at the facility was high, leading to a lack of training. The warden indicated nearly 80 percent of her staff was new or newly promoted.

A private company under contract to an anti-government Republican.

Say no more.



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