Saturday, January 15, 2011

In the News

After four weeks absent from America, my first day back brought news of the Tucson shootings. Aside from the national media frenzy, the shootings got my attention because Arizona is a place I know. It was my home for 25 years. I have fond memories of time spent and friends in Tucson.

In 2006 Gabrielle Giffords was one of several successful candidates who gave us the hope that Arizona could support moderate-progressive politics, hope that real change was possible in Arizona. The attack on her last Saturday following the aggressive 2008 campaign against her and other members of the class of 2006 are a stark reminder that those hopes are not yet achieved, that any gains will always be at risk. Giffords narrowly escaped becoming Sara Palin's third success in her effort to "take back" Arizona Congressional districts. Two other Democrats were not so fortunate Giffords' recovery and return to Congress will be a visible victory for the possibility of reasoned politics in Arizona and perhaps nationally as well.

Not being privy to the medical knowledge involved in treating the wound and damage caused by a bullet through the brain, I am not at all able to predict or know the potential for her recovery. I do know that I've heard the medical professionals use superlative words in describing Giffords' condition including something like "with a bullet through the brain she has no right to be alive." So I'm hoping for a remarkable and miraculous recovery.

A full recovery would be best for all concerned.



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