Friday, February 04, 2011

Delusions of a Dictator, Dreams of the People

Mohamed Al Baradei has it right. From the BBC:

Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei took issue with the president's remarks, saying: "We as a people are fed up as well, it is not only him.

"The idea that there would be chaos is symptomatic of a dictatorship. He thinks if he leaves power the whole country will fall apart."

However high his opinion of himself may be, Mubarak is not indispensable. Egypt has a number of strong national institutions, such as the army and the state bureaucracies that can add a certain level of stability to post-Mubarak Egypt. Two national leaders are willing to work toward a transitional government. The Muslim Brotherhood supports a consensus secular government. Add in the hopes of the masses and the possibility for genuine change is real, if not always certain.

The only people who can make that change are the Egyptians themselves. What they are saying is, "Hosni,it is time to go."

After 30 years Mubarak cannot imagine an Egypt without him but millions of Egyptians are doing just that.

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