Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Velo News

Spring has definitely arrived here in Olympia. About two weeks ago, I started noticing all sorts of budding plants and new leaves sprouting on trees. It seemed pretty sudden, especially since the weather has been cold and wet. Two weeks later, it's still cool and wet but that does not seem to be a hindrance to the many plants that are ready to get on with spring. I'm all for it.

Friday was one of the nicest days yet this year and with rain forecast for the weekend, it was a perfect day to take off work to ride. And ride I did. I did my west side loop out to The Evergreen State College where I signed up and paid fees to use the darkroom for another quarter. From Evergreen I swung through southwest Olympia, north Tumwater and southeast Olympia to pick up the Chehalis Western Train and return home. A nice 29 mile loop.

The ride started out chilly and a bit overcast but by the halfway point the sun was out and I was getting pretty hot in my black tights. I found a secluded spot to change out of them and rode the remainder of the route in shorts. That's only the second time this year I've been able to do that.

Yesterday's weather turned out better than expected--cloudy but dry. By the time I was done with a meeting and errands, there was still plenty of light left on a decent afternoon so I took off for a short loop before dinner. About halfway through my planned miles, I took a different route and stretched out the mileage just for the hell of it. So I ended up with 15 miles on the day and 44 for the weekend.

This is the first time I've been out twice in a single week since I don't know when. It sure was nice.

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