Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial For An Endless War

Pretty good essay on war memorials and our current endless war in today's Washington Post. Not only does the essay recall the 5,000 American dead in the Philippine insurgency that followed the Spanish-American War, it makes a statement that is unusual in such a mainstream publication.
It is also possible that enough time may pass for us to begin to recognize the injury and trauma that have been unleashed on other people in the wars we have fought across the globe. If we are ever authorized to build a monument to the war in Afghanistan or Iraq, I hope we will have the wherewithal and heart to honor their losses — the countless Afghani and Iraqi civilians dead, wounded and orphaned, caught in the crossfire of our global war on terror. For all our differences in culture, history and allegiance, we share with them the fundamental human cost of war.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is the sad part. The innocent that have died, far out number the soldiers that have died, in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. I deplore the children, with legs and arms missing. Their faces scarred and mangled. The Afghanistan girls need their chance to go to school. Afghanistan women, should not be stoned to death. If the troops have managed to, put a stop to the plight of the Afghanistan mothers and daughters, then it is a job well done.

I mourn the soldiers that have died too. They were given a job to do, they have done their best, as they always have. War is ugly, cruel and scary, as war always is.

There should be a memorial for the soldiers, who have lost their lives, in Iraq and Afghanistan. They paid a, very high price. They should be remembered too.

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