Friday, June 03, 2011

Fighting for Freedom

A previous post questioned whether the many dead of our recent wars actually died defending our freedoms. That question does not gainsay their sacrifice or the fact that they died serving their country. What it does question, however, is the wisdom of leaders who put those service members' lives on the line.

That said, I agree that "freedom isn't free" as the all-too-glib saying goes. Without provision for the common defense those freedoms may be at risk from foreign aggressors. But that kind of threat is remote at best in the 21st century and is in no way diminished by foreign interventions and military occupations.

Still we need to fight for our freedoms which often means fighting here at home. A recent newsletter from Chris Chandler made the point that there are many ways to fight for freedom:
There are many ways to die in the service of your country.

Many people in the United States have taken on many battles that are just, proper and good.

The fight for the 8 hours day.
The fight for child labor laws.
The fight for women's suffrage.
The fight of civil rights.
The anti war movement.
The Fight for Gay Rights.
The Fight for Immigrants' Rights.
(to name a few.)

And like our soldiers, many of those people died in service to their country's highest ideals.



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