Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mid Summer Velo Transit News

Today's bicycle route included a ride to Yelm on the 94 Intercity Transit route and return via the Yelm-Tenino, Chehalis Western and Olympia Woodland trails--35.5 miles total. That's my longest distance ever. I occasionally hit 30 or 31 miles but that's rare. High 20's is my usual max. The whole affair took four and a half hours, including the 45 minute bus ride, my first with a bike.

The back of the bus looked full when I boarded. Apparently the people all knew each other as they had a lively conversation going on. It was not a quiet ride at all but the din was just background as we wound our way through southeast Olympia to Yelm Highway, through Lacey and on to The Red Wind Casino on the Nisqually Reservation where everyone else on the bus disembarked. The rest of the trip was quiet.

In Yelm I found the Yelm-Tenino trail and headed west. The trail is in decent shape, mostly flat, with a lot of shade that was much appreciated on this bright, sunny day. I rode to within a couple of miles of Tenino where I turned back to pick up Chehalis Western Trail for the 14 mile ride back to Lacey. Lots of shade here to but by this time the day is warming up but now I'm beginning to feel the extra miles.

Overall, I averaged 12.2 mph which is slightly better than my usual speed. Must be that I had all railroad grades rather than Olympia hills. My total 2011 mileage is 798, leaving 242 to reach my 1,040 annual minimum. With 17 weeks left, I'm pretty sure I will make or exceed that mileage even if I miss a few weeks.

Long nap in the afternoon.

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