Saturday, October 29, 2011


I made a few changes to the masthead. Some of my links were to blogs that no longer exist and blogs that I no longer read regularly. When I returned to full time work a few years ago, my time available for reading all the wonderful content in blogtopia decreased dramatically and I gravitated to a few out of idiosyncratic interest rather than any disappointment with any blog's content.

During my absence, some blogs went dormant. Since I don't keep up with those blogs I can't guarantee that they are still current. But I don't want to drop the links. So now they are Legacy Blogs. Just because I am no longer a regular reader doesn't mean they are not worth checking out. I still do occasionally. That's how I know that some are no longer extant.

The changes include a couple of additions. I added a link for Coffee Strong, the GI coffee house outside Fort Lewis here in the great northwest. Also added a link to The Rachel Corrie Chapter 109 of Veterans for Peace. That's our local chapter here in Olympia.



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