Friday, November 25, 2011

Late November Velo Fashion Transit News

Today was sunny and calm after yesterday's high winds and rain, a perfect weather window for cycling. Decked out in a newly purchased very bright cycling rain/wind jacket (see below), I rode out to The Evergreen State College on the west side and returned through southwest Olympia, north Tumwater and southeast Olympia to Chehalis Western trail, where I headed north toward home. In all, a very pleasant day. I was comfortable in the new jacket and was able to adjust it as I warmed up.

Yesterday's storm was especially visible on the trails, lots of debris and standing water in places. I had to carry my bike over one small tree that had fallen across the Evergreen Parkway trail. A much larger tree had fallen across the Chehalis Western but had been partially cleared when I passed. I always collect holiday greens along the trail immediately after a storm like this. The pickings were good today. Not surprising after a full day of 20+ mph winds with gusts in the 30's.

I was well on my way to a 28 mile day when my rear tire went flat and would not hold air at mile 23. And me without a spare tube. I started walking and by the second road crossing headed east in search of a bus route. My gamble worked. The first intersection was a street on Route 60 which goes right past my place. When I found a northbound bus stop and checked the schedule, the next bus was leaving Panorama City, which I had just passed, about two minutes ago. Maybe 10 minutes later the bus arrived with bike rack space available. Twenty-five minutes later I was home.

Sure beat walking.

Here are some pictures from the ride.

the new jacket

clock tower at The Evergreen State College

Evergreen Parkway Trail

fish ladder and high water on
Deschutes River below Tumwater Falls

upstream from the fish ladder

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