Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mid January Velo Weather News

Today's forecast was for morning rain showers turning to rain and snow showers this afternoon continuing through tomorrow night. The hourly forecast included a small window of reduced precipitation around mid-day, the only time even remotely likely for a bike ride. The morning was indeed showery but clouds broke a bit and I had sunshine as I took off around 1:30. Fifteen minutes later I rode in a in a driving storm of mixed rain and snow thinking how I might eke out a few miles before I am totally soaked. But at my first bailout opportunity, the rain and snow had ended so I continued north. Each time I had the chance to cut short, the weather held enough for me to stay on my route. I even got a few more sunny skies

Just after reaching my turnaround at the northern end of the Chehalis Western Trail, the (mostly) snow and rain began again but never as hard as the earlier squall and occasionally giving way to sunshine. By the time I reached home I had covered 17 miles and was looking at black sky to the west.

About 20 minutes later the weather looked like this.

Timing is everything.

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