Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Belated Centennial Notice

Yesterday was the centennial of Arizona's admission to the Union. These days, wfith Arizona's checkered reputation, many Americans would probably prefer to forget that Arizona is one of these United States but it is. And it's not far off the national dime when it comes to wingnuttery. The craziness that is Arizona these days is hardly unique to the Grand Canyon State, not in a nation gives any credence to the likes of Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum. Not in a nation where many believe that unlimited purchase of weapons is a Constitutional right.

For all of its craziness, I found a lot to like during my quarter century living in Arizona. As a hiker and outdoor enthusiast, I spent a lot of time exploring some amazing places; Arizona is unrivaled be any state except possibly Utah. I have never seen a night sky as brilliant as the night sky I watched for five years in Window Rock, Arizona. I was represented in Congress by Morris Udall, one of America's finest statesmen. Kirsten Sinema was my last state representative. And I made any number of good friends during those years. As I am glad to be out of Arizona, I have no regrets about living there. It was a good move, personally and professionally.

So here's to Arizona on its centennial. And here's hoping that Arizona will someday live up to the progressive constitution that brought it into the Union.

And just for giggles, read Jana Boomersbach's account of Arizona's checkered path to statehood. It explains a lot.



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