Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Blogger

Google switched this humble blog to New Blogger, a change I did not need or request. No doubt the older version didn't allow Google to sweep information as well as the new. As we all know about internet companies, one line of profit is accumulating, analyzing and selling information.

So far, I the change isn't an improvement.  The new dashboard isn't as easy to use and the preview function is far worse than the latest Old Blogger.  The scheduling function does not work; scheduled posts remain unpublished well after the time and date I entered. Frustrating.  But it will soon be the norm.  I'll adjust.  Just like I did the last time Blogger changed on me.

It is what it is.



Blogger Lisa said...

I shall never change! The little gear icon in the right bar allows me to continue on in Old Blogger, even as they try to seduce me with with new gizmos. I shall keep the white page as I have since 2005, and hope to forevermore.

So I don't get to have a colorful template ... but that's not the point of this, right?

1:07 PM  

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