Saturday, April 28, 2012

Occupy the Works

Occupy SEC isn't exactly monkey wrenching, but used effectively, simply participating in administrative rule-making on behalf of the public can be effective as sabotage. Occupy SEC is composed of financial industry Occupy sympathizers plus a few others from the original encampment. The group uses its expertise to comment on proposed rules and regulations implementing the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation. They are weighing in with the big corporations to bird-dog the details. I hope they succeed, that their efforts lead to regulations that serve the public rather than private profit interest. Edward Abbey would approve, I am sure.

The Occupy element of this effort comes from its genesis and public presence. Members began talking last fall in Zucotti Park. Now the group meets weekly at 60 Wall Street. Its covered atrium is a “privately owned public space,” according to signs posted in the marble-lined space. Occupy the SEC is one of the first blossoms of the Occupy Spring, where the public presence of last year's encampments will continue to to spread. Beyond location, though, Occupy the SEC carries the spirit or the Occupy movement by simply occupying space in the public forum of administrative rule-making. Unlike an encampment, Occupy the SEC cannot be evicted from the regulatory process.

This spring I look forward to many such blossoms.



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