Friday, May 11, 2012

Still Poisonous After All These Years

Vietnam's minister of sports, culture and tourism has written to the International Olympic Committee taking exception to the committee's acceptance of Dow Chemical as an Olympic sponsor.  The minister notes that Dow has a long history of denying responsibility for the effects of its product, Agent Orange, in Vietnam.

...[D]espite of [sic]international opinions, Dow Chemical expressed their indifference and refused compensation for victims of the Agent Orange produced by the company, as well as their responsibility to clean up contaminated areas. Spending zero effort to recover their mistakes in the past, Dow continues to destroy the current living environment. In 2010, US Environmental Protection Agency listed Dow as the second worst polluter in the world.
 Keep that in mind when you hear all of the blather about the Olympics as an event that transcends politics and national boundaries.  That may be so but when it comes to corporate boundaries and profits, there is no transcendence.

Of course, the ultimate responsibility lies with the United States which brought Agent Orange to Vietnam.  As a nation we have been remiss in mitigating the consequences of that decision.  At least we are making some small effort these days.  More than can be said for Dow.

Kudos to the Agent Orange Action Group, The Vietnam Association for Victimsof Agent Orange/Dioxin and Veterans For Peace Chapter 160 for continuing the fight. 



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dow wasn't the only one that produced poisons for use in Vietnam. The filthy chemical-maker Monsanto created these poisons, too.

There are still a couple of more poisons beside Agent Orange that were used.

A compound that I was stationed on dispersed "Agent White" and "Agent Blue." The military have refused to release what these contained. 40 years later, still classified as top secret.

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